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My name is Chris and I am a middle-aged Husband, Father and Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) by trade. I have been an LEO for over 13 years and I am building my online business for retirement.

I was born in Michigan but relocated to Hawai’i when I was very young. In High School, I played Football and Soccer (Futbol) and had dreams of playing for the U.S. Men’s National Team in the World Cup. Although God granted me talent in Soccer, it wasn’t to the level that I aspired to. While in my junior year of H.S. I was introduced to computer programming, instantly falling in love with it and I knew that was what I was going to go to college to study.

Secondary Schooling

I attended a prestigious Aeronautical University and studied Computer Science because I had aspirations of becoming an Astronaut. I only saw two avenues to attain that goal. The first was to join the military and become a pilot and the other was to go to college and maybe become a specialist. At that age, the military wasn’t for me (although in retrospect, I wish I had served) and I thought that if I went to an Aeronautical school and majored in Computer Science, that would be my best route. Unfortunately, life happened and I was not able to finish my Bachelor’s degree.

After several years of working any job I could find, from being a delivery driver to a tour bus driver, I met my wife and got married. I finally started a career in law enforcement, albeit somewhat late in life. It has provided me with the opportunity to relocate and purchase a house, although I always missed computers.

How I found Affiliate Marketing

While surfing the internet, I “stumbled” upon Affiliate Marketing. I had tried every get-rich-quick scheme and multi-level-marketing opportunity out there and became a member of the NFL (No Friends Left). Needless to say, I was cautious about Affiliate Marketing. I did my due diligence and investigated every lead I found. What I discovered was that if anyone promised you riches without working for it or riches overnight, run away because it’s a scam. This was sound advice that I had learned on my own as well. When I investigated this lead, I saw a tremendous opportunity to finally be my own boss and knew that in order to make this work, I would have to put the work in.

I Saw THE Opportunity

Having gone to school for computer science, 20+ years ago and with the speed that computers and technology have advanced, with laptops and cell phones going obsolete in 6 months or fewer, I had a lot to learn and almost all over again. But even with a career in Law Enforcement and being away from computer work for so long, I could still see the opportunity in Affiliate Marketing when I stumbled upon it.

I was around in the 1990’s and the turn of the century when people were becoming millionaires in the Dot.Com business. I knew that there still had to be a way to make money online, but all I was finding were Get Rich Quick Scams (GRQS) and businesses that seemed less than practical or had far too small a return for the investment.

THE Opportunity

THE opportunity is Affiliate Marketing with Wealthy Affiliate and is available for FREE to get started and to learn, with unlimited potential for growth and income. Where can you find a business opportunity with “No overhead, no inventory, no selling, no cold calling, etc.” all with a community willing to teach you for free and allow you to test drive it to see if it is right for you? How can anyone NOT see that as an amazing opportunity?!  It can be done part-time, on your schedule, full-time, or which ever way you want to run YOUR business.

Check out the About Moms-Work-At-Home page to learn more about this website and what’s available.

I am not smarter than you and there are many people smarter than I am, however, I do have a good work ethic that allows me to work hard when it’s hard to work.

-When it’s Hard to Work, or Work gets Hard, Work Smarter.

I wish you great success in what ever you choose.




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  • Awesome Chris,
    You defo have an interesting journey.
    I also wanted to be a goalkeeper coz I was good at it in school but graduated as Electronics Engineering Technician. Life is so uncertain, donno what you gonna get.
    Affiliate marketing is a gem opportunity for all and you have explained it well.
    I wish you all the best.

    • Thank you, Sarim.

      I played keeper for 4 years in High School and a little in college for fun, but life happened. Thanks for the comment, it feels really great to be a part of a supportive community that has your success in mind. Wishing you great success and enjoy the ride.

  • Sounds interesting, ill check it out more, I know you and you are going place’s brother

    • Thanks, Daniel. Nice last name. Maybe we’re related. 😉 You are the first to actually come to the website and leave me comments, from FB and family. Much appreciated.

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