Rat Race Trapped?! – Get out NOW, Find out HOW.

Are you actually working in corporate America or perhaps in corporate (another country)?  Are you working for someone else, making them wealthy and able to take their families on extravagant vacations, while you keep your nose to the grindstone?  Are you subject to a supervisor’s approval of your work or for time off?  Would you like to get off the corporate hamster-wheel and put your hard work to good use for yourself?

What If I told you there was a legitimate online business that you could take the hard work you’ve been putting in to make someone else successful, and turn it into a profitable online business that YOU own?

And what if I told you that you could start this business for FREE, work it at your pace, on YOUR schedule, from anywhere in the world that you have internet access?

Is your answer “Yes” to any of the above questions or are you asking yourself if this is too good to be true?!

Well, it IS TRUE but it will take hard work.  Something that you’re accustomed to in working for someone else.

But If I told you that you could do this overnight and drop a smelly gift on your bosses desk tomorrow, I’d be fibbing.  The truth of the matter is YES, you CAN start your own, legitimate, online business for FREE.  It is NOT a get rich quick scheme, but a legitimate online Affiliate Marketing business.

Internet Affiliate Marketing.

You may have heard the term Affiliate Marketing or Online Advertising before.  Maybe you haven’t.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically being a middleman (or woman) in terms of a website, that connects people (over 3.75 Billion online) who already have a need (knowledge, products, etc.) and connects them with those who have the ability to fulfill that need.  By doing so, the affiliate marketer earns a commission for driving traffic to the websites of the “seller”, if you will.

I know when I learned what Affiliate Marketing was and heard about this opportunity I thought, “I don’t have the skills for that.”  or “That seems like some serious stuff that’s way over my head.”

Well, fear not.  If you already have marketing skills, internet marketing or commerce, better for you. But even if you don’t and have no clue what this is about, you can still succeed.  This opportunity is geared for EVERYONE, regardless of experience.

After hearing what Affiliate Marketing is I thought, fairly simple and straight forward, right? Then I thought, well if it were really all that simple, there would be many more millionaires than we are led to believe, and why haven’t I heard about this before.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  As simple as the model seemed to be, there is quite a bit that goes into running a successful Online or Internet Marketing business.

Now if you were going to learn all there is to learn and do it yourself, it could take you a year or more before you had it down enough to turn a profit. That is unless you already have the knowledge to go out and do it or knew someone with that knowledge willing to impart it on you.  That brings me to the point of this post.

1,001 ways to …. (fill in the blank)

There is a wealth (pun intended) of information online as it pertains to Affiliate Marketing and there are those that have made a substantial amount of money doing this.  Most are willing to teach you, but for a price.  The price depends on the person selling the information and what their goal or motive is.

For instance, Matt Lloyd, the owner of MOBE (My Own Business Education) is one who has been quite successful as an affiliate marketer and is willing to teach you, but for a fee.  You can see my review of MOBE by clicking this link, where I review Wealthy Affiliate University to see if it is a SCAM, and I then compare it to MOBE.

Keala Kanae has also made quite a lot of money being an affiliate marketer and he is also willing to share his knowledge with you. Keala runs AWOL along with his partner Kameron George.  They run AWOL University, which has a $10,000, 90-day guarantee where they guarantee you will earn $10,000 in 90 days or your money back. But that guarantee costs you about $10,000 to be able to take them up on that offer.  I will review AWOL in a later post, so stay tuned.

So what am I proposing to you that isn’t going to cost you a mint and allow you to learn and start up for FREE?!  Keep reading and then see my review of Wealthy Affiliate University – Scam?

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that started in 2005, initially as a “keyword search” site and has grown by leaps and bounds to become a premier leader in the Affiliate Marketing industry and Affiliate Marketing instruction platform.  It has become a community of over 800,000 caring members who truly want to help you succeed as they do and every member helps every other member to become successful.  It is free to get started and only $49/mo to become a premium member with no further upsells, and the price hasn’t changed since inception 12 years ago.  In fact, it gets even better, because Wealthy Affiliate offers a yearly membership at $359/yr, which works out to $29/mo or less than $1/day.  They have state-of-the art web page building and hosting, as well as instruction catered to the least knowledgeable all the way up to the most adept internet veteran.

The owners Kyle & Carson believe that doing what you love or have a passion for and being able to

help others is the key to success.  They believe in the pay-it-forward concept and ask that other members be like-minded.  Although not a requirement, it adds to the whole experience to be part of a community of like minded individuals helping each other realize their goals.  Even their web platform encourages positive reinforcement by allowing members to earn “badges” much like current video games do, to encourage members to complete training levels and assist other members.

Wealthy Affiliate provides free membership, training, and 2 websites with hosting to starter members and you can contact the owners directly via messaging or live chat.  I have yet to find another company or entity online that does that.  The perks of becoming premium quickly become evident once training starts and you see the additional resources that become available, and there are no further upsells or levels to attain.

I urge you to take a tour of Wealthy Affiliate and look at my review if you are serious about putting in the work to make a sustainable online marketing business for yourself.  If for no other reason than to compare it to other similar opportunities online and test drive it for yourself.  This could very well be your way OUT of the RAT RACE and a vehicle to put your energy to work for YOU.

Please leave comments or questions below and I will be happy to respond.

I wish you great success in whatever you choose.


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