Try Da Kine – Li’ Dat!




Dis page is for da kine locals dat like try relate to da stuff in da oda posts.  I was tol’ fo’ write about someting I like and in one “conversational” way.  Well, wen I stay wit my peeps, dis how I talk so, dis my pidgeon english translation of my webpage.  I hope you enjoy.

What’s da Deal!


I like try tell you ’bout dis cool stuff fo’ make kala on da intanet.  Dis stuff called Wealthy Affiliate is fo’ real.  Dis not one get rich ova night kine stuff, but one legit business.  Deez guys goin teach you everyting you need fo’ make one webpage, host ’em, and make kala wit’ ’em.  And best of all, can start fo’ FREE, brah!

First ting, I like try tell you is who me and why I wen make dis webpage.

Who I Stay….

My name Chris.  I wen move Hawaii hanabada days and neva leave till 29 yeeahs ladah.  I wen to private school my whole life den wen college, mainland.  I stay working fo’ da popo, 5-0, one time, you know what I stay talking about, but I no like do dat fo’ eva so I wen start dis webpage.

WHY I wen make dis page

Growing up in Hawaii, I seen plenty chicks had keiki while still in school.  Da braddahs neva always take kea of dey responsibility and da wahine had to raise da keiki alone, except for Ohana.  I wen make dis page fo’ da wahine who no could work and take kea da keiki, so day could do ’em from da hale.

Now dey can do dis business any time and any place get internet, and while taking kea da keeds.  Plus can start fo’ free li’ dat.  Wen I saw dat could start for free, I was like, “Ho brah, mean eh?!”  ” Cheee”. No can pass up dis kine stuff.  If you like see moa about it, keep reading.

HOW da Buggah work.

So deez guys, Kyle and Carson wen start “Wealthy Affiliate” and dey wen make dis website about 12 yeeahs ago to search fo’ “keywords” and den wen make ’em moa bettah ova da last decade.  Now deez guys is like one community, kinda like Hawai’i, for help each odda out so everybody can succeed togedda.

Dey get two kine membaships.  Stawta (Free) and Premium ($49/mo or $359/yeeah).  Per yeeah moa cheep, only come out $29/mo.  Da Stawta can have 2 websites and training foa free, but da Premium get up to 50 websites and all kine training and coaching foa da price, which neva did go up since dey wen stawt da stuff.

Foa see what can get for free, premium and to get one 61% discount foa da first mont check dis out.

Eeda way, go check em out before you just say lataz, kay?  You neva know until you check em out first.

Whateva you choose foa do, Malama Pono and check me out bumbai.

Shoots, K-Den.